Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising Exclusive Action Figure Beast Fire Predaking

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With the power of the infernum blade his to command, Predaking will crush or conquer all who are foolish enough to oppose him – even the legendary Optimus Prime.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    ravage 24/7, February 13, 2014
    Ryan M. Lutz “blood vamp” (Richmond,VA USA) –

    This review is from: Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising Exclusive Action Figure Beast Fire Predaking (Toy)
    Beast Hunters Ultimate Leader Predaking is big,badass,and the ultimate Predacon warrior king!Predaking has gotten a cool as hell upgrade into the leader class version.This bad boy has a 21-inch wing span,dual missile launchers which attach securely to each arm,and light-up fire breath for realistic action.The fire breath is easily done with a push of the lever below the dragon head piece while the chest piece lights up as well with the push of the clear button on the chest area in dragon mode.The same button which is on the shoulder in robot mode lights up the chest area and head piece for a menacing effect as well.I think some realistic sound effect would make this feature better,but it’s still a cool feature as is.The wings are amazingly done with awesome detail and articulation overall.The wings do unattach from the body because they are on top of the battery compartments,but reattach securely with great realistic movement.The Predaking also comes with the ultimate weapon in the Infernum Blade.The Infernum Blade is keyed to the cyber-genetic material of Predaking where no other warrior can lift it while a single strike can drain the energon from a victim sending them into total shutdown.The Infernum Blade is lightweight for the size and dosen’t weigh down Predakings arm when attached.The poseability is outstanding with great stability in either mode for creating cool battle scenes or displaying where you please.The durability is excellent as well with secure ball-joint construction and a solid build in robot or dragon mode.The transformation level is intermediate meaning if you have plenty of experience with transformers there is mid-level difficulty.If you are a parent buying for a child of 5-6 they might need some assistance the first couple of times.The awesome thing about this version is that it is 100 times easier to transform than the voyager version.You don’t have the tricky step with the legs that made the voyager version difficult for the younger ages.This is a great version of Predaking that is very versatile for most ages of transformer fans.All parts fit together securely during the transformation process for one all around well constructed transformer.To start off the transformation from dragon to robot rotate the wings straight up as the tail deattaches from the back.Now the back legs rotate forward to each side then will rotate up and straight out.The legs come together as the front legs rotate straight up.The claws come together as the legs now rotate down to become the arms.Next the wings rotate forward as the shoulder armor rotates up as well.The dragon head piece rotates back to reveal the head piece of Predaking which rotates around.The missile launchers attach to each arm while the tail becomes the Infernum Blade and Predaking is ready for battle!The Predacons and Predaking have always been my favorite of all time and this is one kick-ass Predaking transformer that will satisfy all fans of the Predacon king.Bottom line Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising Exclusive Ultimate Predaking is a well-made,high quality,10 out of 10 transformer all fans will treasure.I highly recommend Predacons Rising Exclusive Ultimate Predaking to all transformer fans and collectors out there.Predaking Rocks and Transformers Rule!!!


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