Transformers Movie 2 Leader Jetfire

  • Prepare for battle with this AUTOBOT warrior by your side
  • In robot mode, this mighty ally features electronic speech and light-up eyes and chest
  • In SR-71 Blackbird jet mode, get in gear with combat and cool conversion sounds that let you know this hero means business
  • MECH ALIVE gearing reveals moving armor panels and internal gears that let you recreate some of your favorite movie scenes or create your own
  • This good guy is ready to take on DECEPTICON forces once and for all

Awesome robot-to-vehicle figure features electronic speech, light-up eyes and chest and MECH ALIVETM gearing that reveals moving armor panels and internal gears. Jet combat and automatic conversion sounds in SR-71® Blackbird® jet mode! MECH ALIVE gearing reveals moving armor panels and internal gears that let you recreate some of your favorite movie scenes or create your own!

List Price: $ 44.99

Price: $ 149.99

3 Responses to Transformers Movie 2 Leader Jetfire

  1. M. R. Sweeny "Dystopian Architect" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Truly More Than Meets The Eye (even if it’s loaded w/kibble!), July 1, 2009
    M. R. Sweeny “Dystopian Architect” (Fl, USA (born in NoCal)) –

    Durability:3.0 out of 5 stars Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars Educational:2.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Transformers Movie 2 Leader Jetfire (Toy)

    A real treat here, TF fans. This figure is abound w/versatility: w/panels that become prime’s firearm (in jet charged mode: that’s a whole ‘nother story altogether!), multiple accessories and a third mode that combines W/leader Optimus, this figure really delivers @ MSRP of 44.99. Although the robot gears and anatomy are eyesore-inducing (aka the phenomenon of “Kibble” as we collectors refer to it), the functionality of Jetfire is more than enough to compensate for it. Has excellent articulation for an item that undergoes a fair deal of transformation (though, in my opinion, Voyager Mixmaster takes the cake for metamorphosis/articulation ratio). The Mech-Alive gimmick is fairly intricate despite its limited range, and the speech gimmick does the trick (however, I thought Hasbro could’ve strived for more than just a single, eponymous line of dialogue for these leader-class figures).
    And lastly, the fusing you can do w/him and optimus is true fun realized: a MASSIVE figure when completed (but more range of motion for the limbs could’ve been taken into account, but hey, this is Transformers we’re dealing with here! We don’t need to focus on details, just the BIG picture!) This figure will really add a sense of gravity to wherever it’s displayed, at the office (if you don’t get into any trouble w/it!), the home, or specifically, in your bedroom or home theater.
    Overall, you’re going to have a blast with this figure (especially if you already own Leader Prime!), and it is in my strongest opinion that you snatch him up before you have to wait weeks (maybe months!) before you get a second chance at this triple changer of a transformer! AUTOBOTS, TRANSFORM… AND ROLL OUT!

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  2. Jefferey Bowman "TransFan Since 1984!" says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    “TransFormers: Revenge Of The Fallen” Leader Class Jetfire, July 2, 2009
    Durability:3.0 out of 5 stars Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars Educational:4.0 out of 5 stars 
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Transformers Movie 2 Leader Jetfire (Toy)

    Leader Class Jetfire

    Robot mode pros:
    -He’s hunched over, just like in the film and can actually use his cane as a cane. (How neat is that?) Captures the feel of the film character.

    -He’s rather posable considering all of his gimmicks and combiner pieces being a core component of the figure.

    -His face is a nearly perfect representation of the film character. (A really nice job, no seriously.)

    Robot mode cons:

    -His balance is a bit difficult due to his legs having weak ratchets compared to the voluminous weight of his backpack. (This is where the hunched over look comes in handy.)

    -The panels that hide his face for vehicle and combined mode are double ball jointed and they pop off all the time. Becomes rather bothersome to have to snap ‘em back in place all the time.

    Transformation pros:

    -Rather easy, so you (or your kids) won’t be terribly frustrated going from one mode or the other, unlike Optimus Prime. (There’s a figure that’ll make kids and parents alike, unhappy.)

    -When done correctly (read the instructions, you’ll see what I mean.) he holds together tight and firm. (in both modes.)

    Transformation cons:

    -Panels pop off, pieces have to be set just right to make sure the entire shell of the place is locked in place. (I know it sounds like I contradicted my earlier statement of him being easy to transform, and I still stand by that. It just takes a lot of fine tuning to get it just right. It’s worth it though.)

    Vehicle mode pros:

    -Massive. (No, seriously. His vehicle mode is that of a Lockheed Martin, Skunkworks SR-71. This is a good 15 inches long, perhaps even longer, I’ve yet to measure it.) If you wish to display him in vehicle mode, make room, otherwise he’ll be a problem when finding a spot. (He’s massive, did I mention that? :P)

    -Exacting detail. (One of the best detailing jobs on a figure I’ve ever seen. Every panel, every intake, even the pilot’s name (which I believe is fictional, I Googled…) is there in stunning accuracy. It even has the Skunkworks logo on the tail fins!)

    Vehicle mode cons:

    -The robot parts can be seen on the underside of the plane, which kills the accuracy on that end of it. (But the rest of the vehicle mode is replicated to the finest details.)

    -His size. (It’s a pro and a con. Pro for the awesome factor, con for the storage factor. Seriously, he’s darn near unmanageable.)

    Comebined mode pros:

    -Captures the film character rather well, considering it’s literally two toys latched together.

    -Imposing, impressive, and hefty. (I mean it, he’s a heavy bugger in the combined mode.)

    Combined mode cons:

    -Very difficult to make all the connectors work. (Once they do, they’re difficult to remove.)

    -No posability, just an awesome looking statue with movable arms and a head.

    -Top heavy.

    Other thoughts:

    Overall, Jetfire is a solid figure, with a terrific vehicle mode, and a neat transformation. He isn’t without his flaws, however, but they aren’t enough to ruin the figure’s fun and awesomeness. Once you have it in your hands, you’ll see what I mean. The few negatives are well worth all of the positives on this figure.

    I do recommend you be careful with the rubbery belt pieces (used for the combined mode) because they look like they could easily break, or dry rot as time goes on.

    The combination is cheesy, at best, though it looks impressive, and makes for an irritating time when connecting and disconnecting the figures from one another.

    If you can find one, I highly recommend you get this guy. He’s a really nice addition to anyone’s collection, or that newly made TF fan’s wish list. (Welcome to our world, btw!)

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  3. Ryan Fye says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Huge in jet mode!, June 30, 2009
    Ryan Fye (NW Pennsylvania) –

    Durability:3.0 out of 5 stars Fun:4.0 out of 5 stars Educational:4.0 out of 5 stars 
    This review is from: Transformers Movie 2 Leader Jetfire (Toy)

    What a pairing! One of the best transformers of all time in the form of one of the best jets of all time! The top of the jet is amazing!
    For those of you with limited shelf space, Jetfire is about 18″ in jet mode (which is my favorite mode). The highest difficulty rating on the box is no joke, it took awhile for me to transform him. I would point out that it wasn’t hard to figure out how to transform him, but the already transformed pieces would keep disconnecting, causing me to go back and repeat steps over again(the five general segments that make up the realistic top of the SR-71 were the main culprits).
    I have yet to purchase Leader Optimus Prime, so cannot comment on the combination of the two, but the instructions make it look fairly simple from Jetfire’s vehicle mode. I’m a huge Jetfire fan from the G1 days, and although I’m not fond of the engineering of this figure(the robot parts are too obvious under the jet, and the jet parts are too bulky in robot mode), it is worth owning. And besides, making him perfect would translate to making him more expensive. I definitely recommend him, and also recommend watching a review or two on […]or something to see how he transforms in real life.

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