Transformers Generation 2 Decepticon Laser Cycles Road Pig

  • Light-Up Tail Pipe
  • Light Saber Weapon
  • Real Action Pop-Ups 3-D Transformer Trading Card!
  • Phillips Screwdriver Required for Battery Replacement.

A street thug with a reputation for instigating trouble. Once challenged an order from Megatron, but backed down after nearly having his internal wiring pulled out through his visual receptors. Has no known friends among the Decepticons. Processing circuitry slow – intelligence minimal. Considered to be a rebel without a clue by Autobot enemies. Prowls streets at night searching for victims to intimidate, harass, and eventually destroy with metal-slashing light saber. Easily detected by internally illuminated engine which superheats when he’s angry.

Price: $ 54.99

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