Transformers Beast Hunters Deluxe Class Dreadwing Figure 5 Inches

  • Powerful Dreadwing robot-to-vehicle warrior figure
  • Converts from robot to fighter jet mode and back
  • Dread Assault Cannon
  • Launching missile
  • Weapons combine

The powerful Dreadwing flies to war for Megatron and the glory of the Decepticons! Autobots beware, because this Dreadwing figure is just the Decepticon to take any of them on! He’s a hardcore villain robot, and his Dread Assault Cannon launches a missile at any Autobot who’s foolish enough to get in his way! When he needs to do recon or make a speedy escape, convert him to fighter jet mode. Keep converting him back and forth so his Autobot enemies can’t keep up!

List Price: $ 16.99

Price: $ 19.99

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  1. Ryan M. Lutz "blood vamp" says:
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    ravage 24/7, May 28, 2013
    Ryan M. Lutz “blood vamp” (Richmond,VA USA) –

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    Dreadwing is back better than ever!Dreadwing is one of the coolest and most badass beast hunters deluxe transformers around.This is honestly one of the most enjoyable transformers in the beast hunters line with awesome weapons and a very versatile transformation.I do own the voyager version and this version is 100 times easier to transform which makes Dreadwing more appealing for the younger ages ,but will still keep the interest of the older age group as well.The armor still has some of the original influence with a beast hunters touch.The signature blue color does look very cool with the yellow while the shading on the wings is a sweet touch also.The wings do spread out while in robot mode as seen,but they can also be kept together as well.So its up to you on which look you like the best.The detail and articulation overall is excellent with awesome prime series realism throughout.Dreadwing comes with a cool weapon in a Dread Assault Cannon with Launching missiles that actually makes two weapons in all.The axe blade piece can be seperate from the cannon section for a type of battle axe weapon for up close confrontations.The Dread Assault Cannon attaches securely underneath in fighter jet mode while attaching securely in either hand while in robot mode.The poseability is outstanding with great stability for creating cool battle scenes or displaying this bad boy where you please.The durability is excellent as well with secure ball-joint construction and a solid build in either robot or fighter jet mode.The transformation level is intermediate meaning if you have plenty of experience with transformers there is mid-level difficulty.If you are a parent buying for a child of 5-6 they might need a little assistance during the transformation process.To start off if you have the wings spread out rotate the wings fully down connecting each piece to completely form each wing.Rotate the wings down as the shoulder armor rotates up.The arms now rotate up to the sides as the forearm pieces will attach to the underneath of each wing.Next the cockpit section rotates up as the rest of the chest section rotates forward with the legs.The legs will rotate completely up to be underneath the cockpit as the feet rotate back.Now the legs will rotate back to be positioned underneath with the feet at the tail section.The shoulder armor rotates down as the front landing gear does the same.Attach the Dread Assault Cannon underneath and Dreadwing is ready for flight!All parts fit securely together during the transformation process for a well constructed transformer all around.If you are a fan of Dreadwing in the series this a worthwhile pickup that is as cool as the previous voyager version just in a deluxe class size with beast hunters attitude.Bottom line Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Dreadwing is a well-made,high quality,10 out of 10 transformer all fans will enjoy.I highly recommend Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Dreadwing to all transformer fans and collectors out there.Dreadwing Rocks and Transformers Rule!!!

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