Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Exclusive Deluxe Class 2-Pack Super Tuner Throwdown Blowpipe & Sideways

  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen action figure toy line from Hasbro
  • This exclusive boxed set includes the Decepticon Sideways and the Autobot Blowpipe
  • This Transformers toy is a level 3 – Advanced Conversion
  • For Ages 5 & Up

Blowpipe is obsessed with adapting earth technology to work in alien body. Endless tinkering, with help from Autobot Ratchet, has resulted in a remarkable fusion of technology, giving Blowpipe surprising strength, speed and firepower. It’s just these advantages that give him the edge against his latest opponent – The Decepticon Sideways. Though the evil robot thinks he can rely on his speed to escape, he’s in for a surprise when he sees Blowpipe easily keeping up.

Price: $ 48.00

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One Response to Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Exclusive Deluxe Class 2-Pack Super Tuner Throwdown Blowpipe & Sideways

  1. Alexander Scott says:
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    Alexander Scott (Los Angeles, CA) –

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    This review is from: Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Exclusive Deluxe Class 2-Pack Super Tuner Throwdown Blowpipe & Sideways (Toy)
    I am a G1 fan and haven’t seen either of the live-action films, but I do like the new transformers in the movie toylines. My son, who is 5yo, and I can play with toys together, which is fairly rewarding. My son bought this “Super Tuner” boxed set with his birthday money. These characters are from the new live-action movie toyline, REVENGE OF THE FALLEN.

    Blowpipe and Sideways are surprisingly complementary, which makes this box set so great. Both toys are deluxe class, so they are a decent size and quality. I’ve reviewed Sideways separately (as he is avaliable separately), but I’ll say here that it is a difficult but rewarding toy to work with. His transform is challenging to complete but the car looks beautiful when finished. However, I’d say that it is too complex for younger kids.

    Blowpipe is really complementary to Sideways in terms of complexity. The robot mode is blue and sliver, with an oversized shield/grasping claw. He looks a little spindly for an autobot, but that’s okay. His alt-mode is a truck, and the shield forms the truck bed cover. Where Blowpipe really shines is the toy’s versatility as a truck. First, the tailgate comes down and the grasping claw can extend out of the truck bed. The cab roof can flip up to reveal the head while the rest of the body remains a truck. Also, the grill opens to allow the arms to come out (again, while the rest remains a truck). This really fascinates my son, who can give Blowpipe alt-alt modes and explore other ways to transform it. In contrast to Sideways, Blowpipe looks pretty good no matter how skilled you are at the transformation.

    In summary, I think Blowpipe is a great toy for kids and Sideways is a great figure for older kids and adults. The complentarity of the toys in this pack is really nice, and maybe the ideal use would be for father and son to buy it together and each have one figure.


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