Post Audio CDX Harmonica Mic with Volume Control, Bag, 1/4 inch Transformer

  • Dynamic mic cartridge in classic “bullet” case
  • Great for both harmonica and vocals
  • Volume control with “ruby” knob
  • Includes XLR to 1/4″ transformer to run into guitar amp
  • Attached XLR mic cable

Post Audio’s CDX harmonica mic combines several features that
have been suggested for the ideal harmonica mic.

There are basically two different types of mics that blues harp
players use. There is the very distorted Little Walter sound as
typified by the classic “bullet” shaped  JT-30 mic with crystal
element.  And then there are many guys who use the Shure 57,
which has a cleaner sound and can also be used for vocals. The
problem with using the Shure 57 for harmonica is that, although it
sounds fat and is good for vocals, it’s awkward to hold on to.
That’s why there are all kinds of mods to make Shure 57’s more
useable for blues players, like adding a volume control or changing
the body so it makes a 90 degree angle.

Post Audio’s CDX mic addresses this problem by using a Shure
type dynamic element, instead of the typical crystal cartridge, but
mounting it in a classic JT-30 case. They also put in a volume
control up front where you can get at it easily and an attached 10′
Lo-Z cable coming out the back where it’s out of the way and goes
naturally through your fingers.

Tested through a classic Fender tweed Deluxe amp, accomplished
harpman Neil “Gasman” Etherley reports that the CDX sounds
better than either his Hohner Blues Blaster or his Piazza modded
Shure Green Bullet.

Many harmonica players plug straight into a guitar amp but others,
especially singers, will want to plug into a PA system. The CDX
has a XLR mic cable output for running into a mixer or PA system and
also comes with the TRX transformer which adapts the standard mic
cable to run directly into a guitar amp.

 CDX mic with volume control and attached cable
 Drawstring bag
 TRX Lo-Z to Hi-Z transformer

List Price: $ 129.95

Price: $ 69.88

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