BBTS Shared Exclusive – Platinum Series – Grimlock Vs. Bruticus

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Of all the mighty Autobot warriors scattered across the galaxy, there is only one who feels no fear at the sight of the unstoppable Decepticon Bruticus. While his comrades flee in terror, he stands his ground, stoking the superheated plasma of his fire breath for the battle to come. As the ground quakes beneath him, and the shadow of the giant Decepticon warrior falls across him, Grimlock looks up and smiles. Here, finally, is a challenge worthy of his strength!It’s an enormous Transformers showdown with this Grimlock Vs. Decepticon Bruticus pack! On the Autobot side is your Grimlock figure, and his glowing eyes and mouth and chomping jaw will let his foe know to beware. But your 5 Combaticons figures are ready to rumble, and if they can’t get the job done they’ll combine into one massive Decepticon Bruticus figure! Their weapons combine to form his sonic cannon! Let the battle begin between your Grimlock and Decepticon Bruticus figures!

Price: $ 142.50

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  1. Mysterio says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    The Better Versions of Grimlock and Bruticus Together, September 13, 2013

    This review is from: BBTS Shared Exclusive – Platinum Series – Grimlock Vs. Bruticus (Toy)

    The Platinum Series Packaged Grimlock Vs. Bruticus is far better than buying the parts separately. Both Grimlock and the five Combaticons included in this set are better than their individual packaged FoC Hasbro counterparts – Notice I said Hasbro.

    This figure is a great representation of the Grimlock character in Fall of Cybertron. The robot mode is everything a fan of the character would want – Tall, bulky and tough looking. It is also very posable.

    Included accessories include a sword and a shield. Also included is a button to light up the dinosaur head (which is stored in the chest while in robot mode) that lights up Grimlock’s chest.

    The dinosaur mode is also satisfying, although one could complain the T-Rex head to be a little small and the chest to be a little hollow. A button on the dinosaur head when pressed will light up his mouth and cause his jaws to open. Grimlock’s sword and shield can both be stored on the outside of the dinosaur body.

    The transformation is pretty simple and this figure will be a hit for both collectors and kids.

    The Platinum Grimlock included is the best version of FoC Grimlock. It is better painted than both the Hasbro and Takara versions and (as an homage to the original Grimlock)is the only version with a reflective shiny gold chest plate.

    These Combaticon figures do not make the perfect transformers and Bruticus is not a perfect Combiner. Generally, they are FoC game accurate transformers. Hasbro/Takara hasn’t made too many good Combiners/Gestalts in quite a while. FoC is a really good effort and should be rewarded.

    One of the complaints universally leveled at the Habro version of the FoC Combaticons is their bright “skittles like” color. Hasbro took this direction because they felt a brightly colored Bruticus would appeal better to the kids.

    Thankfully, the Bruticus included in this Platinum pack is FoC accurate and an almost exact duplicate of the SDCC version which was sold by itself for $99. Actually, this version has a few minor additional paint apps to that version, but they are virtually identical.

    Unfortunately, the definitive version of Bruticus is the Takara version. As usual, it will cost you quite a bit more.

    Do I recommend this Plantium set? YES. If you are a collector, or a kid that wants a representation of FoC Grimlock and Bruticus these are the definitive Habro versions to get and at a $99, a very good price!

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  2. Anonymous says:
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Poor quality build, December 23, 2013
    A. Keller “A Keller” (Oklahoma City, OK, USA) –

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    This review is from: BBTS Shared Exclusive – Platinum Series – Grimlock Vs. Bruticus (Toy)

    All in all it is what is says but when compared to the individual Fall of Cybertron Transformers this build is simply….cheap. Very cheaply made, more so than most Transformers.

    All in all for the dollars I would look to another series, the Platinum series seems to disappoint.

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